For Men:

  • Do not wear light colored, reflective or crazy print ties.
  • Try to avoid black suits unless they are pinstriped.
  • Avoid wearing tweed or herringbone.
  • Dress shirts should be a solid light to medium-color or striped (blues
    tend to photograph very well). If you only want to wear a white shirt, you should know that the viewers focus on lightest shades first, so your shirt – rather than your face – will be the first thing people will see.
  • If you tend to get a heavy 5 o’clock shadow, please request a morning appointment.

For Women:

  • Avoid wearing white or light color tops.
  • Stay away from low-cut necklines, because it may seem like you aren’t wearing a blouse if the photo is tightly cropped.
  • Wear jackets that fit well when buttoned.
  • Do not wear sleeveless or short sleeve blouses.
  • Wear jewelry that does not distract from your face.

After you choose your favorite photograph, my professional retouchers fix just about anything.

There are several factors to consider when determining location and space for a photo shoot. I will work with you in advance to determine the best location for the shoot, once we have met and discussed your objectives.

We will discuss the type of photograph to be taken.

  • An environmental photo is shot on site, using an existing office space or building.
  • A studio portrait is sometimes shot against a backdrop that I can bring to your space or can be set up in a studio.
  • Photos can be group shots, individual photos or a combination of both.
  • We will discuss other logistical considerations, such as the number of working electrical sockets, the ideal lighting requirements, furniture needed, and the possibility of moving furniture around.

    If the photo shoot will be near a window, I will do what is called a “location scout” ahead of time to evaluate the light during the time of the actual shoot. I need to see the direction of the light, which can affect the photograph. If we decide on an outdoor shoot, different equipment will be needed, and we will evaluate that as well.

    Once these questions are answered, we will work together to determine the set up and location and make sure that you can reserve the space needed as necessary.

It is important that you coordinate with your building management and security well before the day of the shoot. Before the shoot, we ask building management what insurance is required to enter the space with equipment, and what procedures are required to reserve a freight elevator. On the day of the photoshoot, security and freight elevator people should be aware that we are coming and we should have a contact person from your firm to make sure things run smoothly.

Not only have I photographed hundreds of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, I had the great honor of being Bat Mitzvah myself. However, my parents did not hire a professional photographer, and asked my uncle to take the pictures. Needless today, I do not have one photo of that special day. As a result, I am passionate about capturing all the special moments of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience-not just the highlights, but all the joy and happiness throughout the event, including the toasts, hora, candle lighting, fun and laughter, and of course, the dancing. Lots and lots of dancing!

Most temples or venues do not allow photography during the services. Once in a while, a temple will allow photography, from a balcony, without flash. It is best to find out what your temple will allow in advance of the event and let me know ahead of time.

You need to check with your temple. Some allow the photographs to be taken before the services; others want them taken several days before. An additional thing to consider is whether your child is having his or her Bar/Bat Mitzvah with another child. If so, it is important to coordinate your photography plans at the synagogue with the other family to avoid any time conflicts, during the week or on the morning of the event.

After editing the photographs, the family gets a DVD. The photographs could also be put on a site, at no additional cost, to share with family and friends. In addition to the DVD, some families like to receive 4X6 size printed proofs, making it easier to choose the photographs for their album.

Of course! Please let me know any specific photographs you would like, with whomever you want, before the event. Or during the event, just tap my shoulder, and say “I need a photo with…” and I will make it happen!

Any other questions, just call or e-mail me.

I do not charge by the hour, so please don’t worry! I arrive early with an assistant or second shooter, and we stay until the very end. I do not charge overtime or double book for the same date. I capture the story of your wedding from the excitement of the preparation to the very last dance!

My style is primarily photojournalistic with hints of a fine arts influence. Whatever is happening, I will be ready to photograph it. Family photographs may be a bit more formal, but with a little advanced planning, I will capture the unique personalities of the couple, their families and special friends.

Fees vary, based on the number of guests, and locations (getting ready, ceremony and reception). I work closely with every couple to plan a package to meet their budget requirements.

Yes, and I will provide that to venues upon request.

After the wedding, I supply color-corrected DVD’s with high resolution jpegs and web galleries. After viewing the photographs, you select the ones you want, and we work together to create an album or just photographic prints that reflect your special day.